4th and Goal 2016


  • Use the space bar to snap the ball
  • Use the arrow keys to run with the ball or play defense
  • Use the space bar while running for spin moves
  • Use the space bar while on defense for big hits (this can cause fumbles!)
  • Press ASD to pass the ball on offense
  • Press W while running to use speed boost

4th and goal is an exciting American football game. Here, you can choose among many teams, choose your favourite team colour, control your role, let it dribble into the scoring field, and win the championship of the game.

The game operation of 4th and goal

In 4th and purpose, you can buckle the football through the space bar. Use the direction keys to move the path, run in the arena, pass the ball and defend. If you want to spin the ball during dribbling, you can use the space bar. While protecting, the space bar can help you hit, but you can also make mistakes. When running and passing the ball, the W key can make you speed up and run forward. A, S and D can pass the ball when attacking.

The game features of 4th and goal

It is a game that emphasizes hand-eye cooperation. Only by observing the overall situation and operating flexibly can the ball pass smoothly. The 4th and intention is a football game, so we should also consider teamwork, protect the ball as soon as possible, convey the ball, avoid the pursuit of opponents and hit the target.

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